Thermulon- Website Design 

October 2023
Sustainable Ventures Design

Thermulon are enabling the net-zero transition with super-insulating materials: aerogels. Nano-porous, silica-based materials with super-insulating properties, Thermulon are at the forefront of the new generation of nano-technology.

We worked with the Thermulon team to craft them a new website that moved them into a new position of professionalism and expansion. Balancing their eye-catching colours with accessible pairings and professional typography, the website made use of Thermulons store of real photography and impressive 3D renders, helping to capture their keen enthusiasm and incredible knowledge.

Since launching the website, the Thermulon team have significantly expanded both their team and their lab space, giving them more bandwidth to continue growing and refining their aerogel technology.

Emily Mae Brown Graphic